Your Good Health

This week Alan talks about how researchers have set out to compare the impact of whey vs collagen protein on muscle loss in seniors during periods of inactivity and recovery.

Every Wednesday around 9:30am Alan Beaumont-Hall talks health with Your Good Health.

Photo: Alan Beaumont Hall

HOST: Alan Beaumont Hall
TIME: 9:30am Wednesdays

With thanks to Healthworks Medical Centres in Bendigo Alan Beaumont Hall joins Gold Central Victoria Wednesday mornings with “Your Good Health.” Alan keeps us up to date with the latest in medical news and makes it easier for us to live and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Alan Beaumont Hall and “Your Good Health” can be heard around 9:30 Wednesday mornings or at anytime by clicking the link below. “Your Good Health” with thanks to Healthworks Medical Centres in Bendigo on Gold Central Victoria.