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Aussie Word Of The Year announced and we've never even heard of it


The Australian National Dictionary Centre has announced our most iconic word of 2021, but we're not sure it's even real.

With the launch of a global pandemic and many trapped in their homes for months on end, last year's stand-out word was understandably 'isolation' or 'iso'.

2021's iconic term on the other hand is far less predictable - in fact, most Aussies have probably never even used the word!


It's a combination of words coined by Sally McManus, who used it in the first half of the year when the nation's vaccination roll-outs were underwhelmingly slow.

It is defined by the Australian National University as "the slow implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination program in Australia."

The Secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions immortalised the word in a tweet on May 13.

'We don't have a vaccine rollout, we have a vaccine strollout,' McManus wrote.

'Aged and disability care workers were all meant to be vaccinated by now. They are not.'

'It's less than three weeks until winter - where is they urgency?'. 

Since the word's inception, the likes of Bill Shorten and New Zealand's Newsroom have utilised 'stroll-out', with the term also crossing international borders through the Washington Post.

Dr Amanda Laugesen, Centre Director at the ANDC, says it was inevitable that a COVID-related word would trump this year's competition.

'It’s yet another example of how a truly Australian expression can make waves globally.'

'It’s also captured a very particular moment in our nation’s history. The pandemic has had a profound impact on our society and lives.'

While some claim it's a terrible pun attached to a hyper-specific moment in time, others have thrown support behind the idiom.

'Strollout is a crackup name for it', wrote one Twitter user.

The 2021 word of the year shortlist also saw mentions of double-vaxxedfortress Australia and net zero. Perhaps we'll see those pop up at the top of the list next year!

Image: Visual Tag Mx / Pexels