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New Arnott’s Shapes “Product” Causing a Stir

 20220128 arnotts shapes Header

The internet is alive with Australians wanting this "product" from Arnotts.

Posting the image below on their Facebook and Instagram pages, Arnotts showed off their cup of ‘Shapes Barbecue Ramen’ noodles.

The only problem is that nasty little hashtag #SorryNotARealProduct

So Arnott's, you have some explaining to do.....

The comments are alive on the Facebook post with people wanting, nay, demanding this be a real product!

Why would you dangle the carrot Arnotts if this product wasn't a real possibility?

Would you buy Arnott's cup of ‘Shapes Barbecue Ramen’ noodles? Let us know on Facebook.

IMAGE CREDIT: Arnott's Shapes Facebook Page