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11 Stranger Things questions we need answered in the finale

Stranger Things Season 4 has been amazing so far, but oh... we have so many questions!

With Volume 2 about to drop on Friday July 1, giving us two episodes as a finale - albeit over an epic 4-hour run time - we sure hope most of the questions bugging us will get answered.

Given that a Season 5 has been announced, the Duffer Brothers might keep some mysteries unresolved until next season though.

Here's the questions we have... do you have some too?

WARNING: There's spoilers ahead if you haven't seen Season 4 Volume 1.

Check out the teaser trailer for the Season 4 finale and then jump on down to read the questions we need answered. There's even a video breakdown of the trailer at the very end if you want to hear some theories about how things might play out for our favourite Hawkins crew.

Our questions

1. Will a main character die?

Hopefully not, as we’ve become very attached to them all. But Noah Schnapp who plays Will has revealed that certain characters will meet their ends in the final two episodes of the season during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Some people think it might be Steve, given that scene in the teaser trailer for the finale where Robin says she doesn't think they're going to make it this time, and then the camera pans to Steve. If it's him, we riot.

2. Will Sadie’s letters ever be read?

Remember when Sadie thought she was going to die, so she wrote all her friends a letter but made them promise not to open them unless… well, she died? There’s a saying about novels and movies, "If you include a gun in the first act, it better go off in the third act". Meaning, don’t include a big plot point unless you’re going to complete the story. Which makes us think Sadie’s letters might end up getting read. But we sure hope not.

3. What did Will paint?

In Season 4 Episode 2, Vecna's Curse, Will arrives at the airport carrying a rolled-up painting. Did he paint the gang? Or maybe just Mike? Is it the Upside Down? Maybe it's Vecna? We can’t wait to see what this work of art is.

4. Will we meet Eleven’s supposed sister again?

It was the episode in the second season that was very different from the rest. In Season 2 Episode 7, 'Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister', Eleven travels to Chicago, Illinois and finds the other girl from her mother Terry's memories, named Kali. She has a similar tattoo to Eleven and they were both experimented on by Dr Brenner. She is also featured in Season 4, in Eleven's flashbacks.

At the end of that Season 2 episode, Eleven reunites with the gang and says goodbye to Kali. And then we never see her again! How did Kali survive One's attack? Where did she go? Is she coming back? She had memories of the facility, why didn't she fill Eleven in on what happened? It would've saved a lot of soul searching!

5. How did Dr Brenner survive One's attack?

Dr Brenner was the one who put the chip in One's neck to help contain his powers. We would think One hated the doctor more than the kids! But Brenner somehow lived through the horror. Does he have abilities as well?

6. Does Dr Brenner know that One is alive and on the other side?

They worked together; the Doctor knew how One operated. Is he training Eleven up again because he knows she can win (she's done it before) or because he believes she's the only one strong enough? If he knows One is Vecna, why doesn't he let Eleven know instead of being cryptic through flashbacks!?

7. What song will we hear in Eddie’s guitar shred that was in the trailer?

Season 4 Volume 1 finished on a cliffhanger, with Nancy stuck in the Upside Down. The fan theories are that Eddie plays Nancy's favourite song to pull her out of Vecna's trance. But when? And what song? TikTok has plenty of fan theories suggesting it might be Metallica's Master of Puppets or Europe's The Final Countdown because both songs use an F# power chord, which Eddie appears to play in the trailer. We can't wait to see what musical choice he pulls out of the bag!

@jadenrbricker Master of Puppets 100% #strangerthings4 #netflix #theory #spoiler #runningupthathill #fyp #fypシ゚viral ♬ Stranger Things - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

8. Will we get a gang/Hopper reunion?

I truly hope so. But how? How will he get back through US customs? Will they take a private jet? He's technically dead! It's a small question but an important one.

Also, Jopper, the name people are already using for Joyce and Hopper, need to go on their date right?

9. Why is time all messed up in the Upside Down?

When the older members of the gang go through the Water Gate, they quickly realise time is frozen to the day in Season 1 when Will Byers was abducted by the Demogorgon and taken into the Upside Down, way back in 1983. Is it a cool trick, or is there something more sinister at play? In previous seasons, Will has struggled to leave the Upside Down, is it a metaphor for his psyche? Is he stuck as well or is it just the time? How are the clocks tied in!? For a dimension with frozen time, Vecna seems to love a grandfather clock and regularly shows them to his victims.

10. Will anything happen to Victor Creel?

Out of all the crazy things to happen in Season 4 Volume 1, I think Victor Creel suffered the most. He lost his whole family because of his son! Victor is imprisoned in Pennhurst Asylum for killing his family, even though it's very clear he wasn't responsible. But how would anyone believe he was innocent now that we know what really happened? How would the gang convince law enforcement? Victor himself may not believe it! The murders truly drove Victor mad; it seems the Asylum may be the best place for him.

11. Is the Counsellor suspicious!?

Vecna's victims throughout Season 4 Volume 1 all had vulnerabilities and fears that Vecna targeted before eventually taking them. For Nancy and Max, it was losing someone close to them, for Chrissy it's believed to be bulimia, for Fred it's accidental murder (spooky). All the victims from the first half of Season 4 had been seeing the School Counsellor Ms Kelly (not confirmed for Nancy). Max even broke into Ms Kelly's office to check out files of the victims! When Ms Kelly and Max are talking, Ms Kelly is wearing a clock key necklace. We believe there are too many connections with the victims, time and the Upside Down to ignore her choice of accessory. Is she involved with Vecna? Does she just enjoy helping troubled kids? Is it more sinister!? Time (haha) will tell!

Here's some questions we've already had answered though

We’ve already had a few questions answered (no spoilers here, it's more about the technicals).

Did Millie Bobbie Brown shave her head for Season 5?

Back in Season 1, Millie Bobbie Brown shaved her head to play Eleven. This time around she wears a wig.

And Vecna's monster body... is it makeup or CGI?

Turns out it's makeup. Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays Vecna, spends up to 8 hours a day getting his makeup and suit applied and then another hour having it removed again at the end of the day's filming. Phew! Check out the time-lapse transformation here:


Want more fan theories? You'll love this breakdown of the Season 4 Volume 2 trailer: