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ASFA Calling on Central Victorians to Check Their Super

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June the 30th marks the end of the financial year and the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia is asking Central Victorians to check their super.
Deputy CEO of the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia Glen McCrea told Gold that your super is usually your biggest asset outside the family home. 
"It's a big asset and just be aware if you've got more than one account," he said. 
"Check the balance, give your fund a call, they're there to help,". 
Additionally, there are four key changes happening in superannuation payments starting tomorrow.
First, superannuation payments will increase by 0.5 percentage points. 
Second, part-time workers earning less than $450 will be entitled to super. 
Third, the age of downsizer contributions has extended to those aged 60.
Last, there will no longer be work test restrictions for those aged 65 to 74. 

For more information on these changes, head to the Australian Super website.