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Hard Tooth: Central Vic Public Dental Care Worst Delays in Decade

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The Australian Dental Association says public dental care in regional Victoria is experiencing blown out wait times. 
According to the organisation's figures, the average expected wait for dental in the parts of Bendigo,  Castlemaine and Maldon is 13.5 months. 
Meanwhile, in the Macedon Ranges the average wait time is 27.1 months.  
CEO of the Australian Dental Association Matt Hopcraft said there are a few factors contributing to the long wait times. 
"It's just long-term lack of investment from the government," Mr Hopcraft said. 
"So, we're not seeing enough funding that's going into recruiting new dentists and retaining dentists to work in these regional areas,".  
He added that the "lockdowns have had an impact too".
Image: Pexels.