About Daniel

Daniel Brewer2Daniel’s Life Story

Well it all started on a breezy Autumn night…

Most Embarrassing Moment On Air?

Would have to be during an interview, I actually forgot who I was talking to, and all the way through the interview calling him “mate”.

What got you interested in radio?

It all started several years ago working in community radio, doing everything that there was to do, overnights, mornings, paneling for football, calling cricket, the fact that you can give to the community made it more interesting, also the government told me to do it.

4 People you would have dinner with (Living or Dead)?

Vince McMahon (Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment) Jennifer Hawkins (Former Miss Universe) John Inman (Mr Humphries - Are you being served) My Wife Collette – (Someone has to cook)

Your Idea of a good time?

Spending time with my son, my family and my friends (all 1 of them), sitting in front of the TV while on Facebook, seriously, spending time with my family is my idea of a good time.

Favourite Sport, Television, Movie?

Favourite Sport – Anything
Favourite Television Show – Very hard question
Are You Being Served, Mr Bean, Blackadder, AFL Footy Show, WWE Television.
Favourite Movie – American Pie 1, 2, 3, 4

One place you would like to visit where would it be?

Locally – Perth International - London You can contact Daniel via Twitter @danbrewerradio

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