Helen Yorston - Volunteering Bendigo

With Covid restrictions easing and warmer weather arriving, organisations around Central Victoria are seeking volunteers.

Some volunteer opportunities include:

Community Visitors Program - A social justice volunteering role supporting vulnerable people living in our community.(e.g.: people living with a disability, mental health issues and supported residential services) Currently providing telephone support, need to give a commitment of 2 years, ( appointment to this program under one of 3 acts of Parliament) on job training is provided.

Stroke Foundation - Will 2 Walk – Virtual activity, Sunday 11 October: Walk near home, needs funds to support individuals adapting to life after a stroke. Virtual fundraiser which is a walk that people can undertake anywhere and they are encouraged to find sponsors for them walking which is then passed to the Stroke Association. Participate and help support stroke survivors!

The Great Stupa is hoping to reopen soon- require volunteers for a range of volunteer opportunities including gardeners & labours to ensure the surrounds are weed free and invite to all visitors.

Eaglehawk Community House are seeking volunteer to help prepare and cook meals for vulnerable people living in our community.

Wildlife Rescue & Information Network - First Responders: people to answer phone calls about injured animals. Support needed 7 days a week, several volunteers required.

If you're able to help out contact Helen on 0435 532 020.

Photo: Gold Central Victoria