Helen Yorston - Volunteering Bendigo

As the weather starts to warm up following a frustrating winter, we're being reminded that if we have some time up our sleeves, maybe consider volunteering.

Community Visitor Program- A social justice volunteering role supporting vulnerable people living in our community.(e.g.: people living with a disability, mental health issues and supported residential services) Currently providing telephone support, need to give a commitment of 2 years, on job training is provided.

Volunteer Tutor:
Support our newly arrived refugees and migrants to learn English and about our Australian way of life. Help our young people practise English conversation via digital and mobile phone conversation. Training provided.

The Great Stupa is hoping to reopen soon- require volunteers for a range of volunteer opportunities including gardeners & labours to ensure the surrounds are weed free and invite to all visitors. (Kat Dole 5446 7568)

Wildlife Rescue & Information Network:
First Responders: people to answer phone calls about injured animals
Support needed 7 days a week, several people required.

Helen Yorston, Manager for Bendigo Volunteer Resource Centre joined Daniel for a chat about upcoming opportunities.

If you wish to get in contact with Helen, the best number is 0435 532 020.

Photo: Helen Yorston (GOLD Central Victoria)