Justin Smith - Babies Of The Rose

Australian journalist Justin Smith has written a book "Babies Of The Rose".


The book is a fiction, but based on stories told to me by war veterans. I’ve interviewed soldiers from six different wars and conflicts — including when I was with the Australian troops in Afghanistan in 2013.

There are three main characters. Two veterans — one from Vietnam and one from Afghanistan — and a young woman called Grace Moore. She’s a plus size model. I got the idea for her character after I wrote a feature piece on a plus size model a few years ago.

The three go through trauma, and live parallel lives, and then meet later in the book.

The book deals with PTSD, trauma, body image, and the suicide of our soldiers.

Available at bookstores, and Apple Books and Kindle Amazon. Also online at http://wilkinsonpublishing.com.au

Justin spoke with Daniel about the book and his time in Bendigo.

Photo: Justin Smith Twitter

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