HOST: Allie Mac
TIME: 2pm - 6pm Weekdays

Join Allie Mac for The Home Stretch 2 - 6 weekdays as she plays the music you know and love on Gold Central Victoria.

About Allie:

Allie’s a city gal who’s always had one foot in the country. After spending the last few years in Melbourne, she’s glad to finally be back in town!

“I took a couple of years off to complete a degree in Horticulture… but when I was offered a job back in radio, I just couldn’t say no….!

Her ideal weekend?

"An Ideal weekend would be spent nosing around a market, but I also love throwing a tent in the car and finding a spot to go fishing (although I’m no Rex Hunt and the back-up baked beans are usually required!). Always in for a movie or a good show too."